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Meadowood, St Helena

OVERVIEW of Meadowood In 1979 H. William Harlan was searching for land on which to create a wine estate when he was introduced to Meadowood, which had been founded in 1964 as a private country club. The property wasn’t ideally suited to grape growing, but Mr. Harlan was intrigued and called his partners to share...…

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St. Regis, Aspen CO

OVERVIEW of St Regis Aspen St. Regis hotels have a rich heritage dating back 100 years to the opening of the St. Regis in New York by the Astor family. Many of the early traditions remain; fresh flowers in the rooms, the English style butler service, afternoon tea and midnight suppers. Another tradition, started by...…

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The Little Nell, Aspen CO.

OVERVIEW of The Little Nell Aspen is a wonderfully designed village with most everything contained in a 5-6 block radius. They have preserved the old buildings and blended in new ones seamlessly. Reminds me of East Hampton, NY, great design, galleries, tony shops, restaurants and bars. While most think of Aspen for its winter festivities,...…

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Triple Creek, Darby MT

OVERVIEW of Triple Creek Ranch You’re not at Triple Creek Ranch long before you notice the breeze whispering through the Ponderosas, the water rushing down the creek and the soft whinny of the horses in the stable. A kind of serenity descends upon you before you even notice it. While your days can be as...…

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