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Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas was founded in 1905 with the opening of the railroad that linked the city with Los Angeles and Salt Lake City. Around 1931 when work started on the Hoover Dam and brought an influx of workers, the town exploded. The Mafia began building casinos and theaters and it wasn’t until the mid-60’s when… read more.

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San Francisco, CA

Immortalized in the Tony Bennett song, “I Left My Heart in San Francisco,” the City by the Bay is a charming destination unlike any other in the country. Known for its steep rolling hills, cool summers, fog and landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, Alcatraz and Chinatown. San Francisco is also famous for… read more.

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Boston, MA

Called the most European of American cities, Boston is an exciting contemporary city steeped in history, but keeping pace with the rush of modern times. History, culture, fine dining, shopping, sports and outdoor activities combine to make this a destination worthy of any special weekend. Sleek new architecture sits side by side with Colonial era… read more.

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Charleston, SC

Charleston is that rare southern city that has retained the charm of its past while reinventing itself for the new millennium. This is a wonderful weekend getaway chocked full of great places to stay and eat and plenty to do. It is also one of those great walking around cities because you can discover something… read more.

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Chicago, IL

Anyone who has spent any time in Chicago quickly falls in love with this charming city. I lived there twice in my career and both my kids were born there, so it has a special place in my heart. Despite winters that can be quite brutal (ever been stuck in O’Hare in February?), Chicago has… read more.

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New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is small as major cities go, ranking 51st in terms of population with about 360,000 people. But, it casts a big shadow in the food and music worlds and is one of the country’s most popular travel destinations. Steeped in history with an ethnically diverse population, it is one of the country’s most… read more.

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New York City, NY

New York is called the “Greatest City in the World” for good reason. No other city has so much to offer in so many areas. World champion sports teams, Broadway theater, world renowned museums, opera and ballet, leading fashion designers, top rated restaurants, shopping for every budget, beautiful parks and so much more. Since the… read more.

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Philadelphia, PA

For the longest time, Philadelphia was a city you passed on your way to New York or Washington. Today, Philly is “hot”. National Geographic Traveler Magazine called it “The Next Great City”. The city of “brotherly love” (the actual meaning of the word Philadelphia) began with a grant from the British crown to William Penn’s… read more.

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Washington, DC

Washington has been the backdrop for some of the country’s proudest and saddest moments; John Kennedy’s inauguration, the Cuban missile crisis, the Civil Rights movement, the Kennedy and Reagan funerals, Watergate, the Iraq wars, the Clinton sex scandal, the man on the moon, the Mideast Peace Agreement, the fall of communism and so much more…. read more.

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Savannah, GA

Just two hours south of Charleston, Savannah seems years apart from its neighbor to the north in their leap into the 21st century. While Charleston has charged into the new millennium, Savannah seems content to walk there, at its own pace. A stroll down its main street reveals store signs that haven’t changed in 50… read more.

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San Diego, CA

As the song goes, “It never rains in California…” and that certainly applies to San Diego. On average there are 266 sunny days in the city and rainfall is less than 12 inches per year. Temperatures average 72 degrees year-round with August and September the warmest at 77 and 78 degrees. It is truly a… read more.

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