What is the BestWeekends travel concept?

Everyone has had the experience of going somewhere and having accommodations or restaurants not turn out the way they were portrayed in guidebooks or on web sites. Researching weekend travel can be frustrating. Information is all over the place and its objectivity is questionable.

Imagine deciding to go somewhere and having your own personal advance team with no other agenda other than to give you objective, unbiased information. Your advance team does the research, visits the destination, stays in the hotels/inns, eats in the restaurants and then reports back to you with all the information and pictures you need to plan a great weekend.

Think about it. You are only away for 3 days. What do you need to know? Where to stay, where to have breakfast, lunch and dinner, where to have cocktails, what to do after dinner, what activities are there and where do I do them-and so forth. Think of what you would like to know about a destination for a weekend trip and you have created in your mind – the BestWeekends concept.

Who is Jim Flynn and why is he an authority on travel?

One way to become an authority on something is to do it and Jim has been traveling for business and pleasure for nearly 30 years. In his travels throughout the world, he has observed that some places just “get” it, they understand how to provide a superior experience, whether it be in accommodations or dining or both. In his corporate life, Jim was responsible for developing exciting, once-in-a-lifetime sales incentive trips that people still talk about. Today, he is an entrepreneur, skilled at identifying market opportunities where the consumer isn’t getting what they need.

What do you do differently than other travel websites?

  1. Many websites and guidebooks employ a “shot gun” approach to information, listing every place to stay and eat and every activity. Because we have lived in each destination, we know the “best” places to stay and eat and where to do the things you like to do. That’s what we put on our website, nothing more, nothing less. We don’t overwhelm you with choices.
  2. We believe “visuals” are very important in selecting a destination for a weekend trip. BestWeekends has more photos of every destination than any other site or guidebook.
  3. We do not accept advertising from the places we recommend, so there is no compromising relationship. When we travel, we do so anonymously and do not accept any free rooms or meals. Our objectivity is guaranteed.

Do you receive commissions or other kinds of compensation from the places you recommend?

We accept no advertising or commissions from the places we review.

What if I can’t get in to one of the places you recommend to stay or eat?

As is normally the case, the earlier you make a reservation the better, particularly with our recommendations because they are the “best” in their destination. We don’t control availability, but we do give you tips on getting a reservation.

What if the room you recommend isn’t available?

Our recommendations for places to stay are based on the total appeal of the property. While we have favorite rooms, other rooms at the property are absolutely adequate for a weekend trip and in some cases may even be less expensive than our favorite.

What happens if I have a bad experience at one of the places you recommend?

We want to hear about it. We take very seriously whom we recommend on this site and if one of our recommendations is not living up to its reputation, we will investigate and make a determination on our recommendation.

What do I get for the $75 reservation assistance fee?

First, we help to determine when you want to go, how you will get there, what type of accommodations you want, where you would like to eat and what you would like to do while you are there. Then we check availability and get back to you with options. Finally, we make all of your travel arrangements, book your hotel, make dinner reservations and plan your other activities; tee times, theatre and so forth.