The Point

Breakfast begins with a soft knock on your door and the arrival of coffee at a time you pre-determine. You may enjoy a full breakfast in bed, on the patio or in the Great Hall. The choices are limitless, from Eggs Benedict, to the poached eggs and homemade hash we enjoyed to smoked salmon to kippers. One guest told us of requesting shrimp grits on a previous stay. The kitchen apologized that they had no grits, but it was on the menu the next day and remains there today.

Guests are seated “en famille” or family style at two large circular tables surrounding another fireplace. We enjoyed the company of a couple who were making their 17th annual visit (he develops shopping centers) and a “Sir and Lady” from London.

Lively conversation ensues as a delicious beef tenderloin and shrimp lunch with a light horseradish sauce is served and complimented with a wonderful red Bordeaux. Guests linger over coffee and a decadent apple crumb crisp.

You can also opt for the kitchen to make you a box lunch to take on a hike or out onto the lake in one of the boats. We heard a great story about a guest request for homemade lemonade for a lake picnic. She was dismayed when she opened the picnic hamper to find no lemonade. Suddenly a staffer arrives in another boat holding the lemonade, and declares, “we didn’t want the ice to melt.”

Dinner at The Point is an event whether you enjoy it with the other guests or in the privacy of your room. It begins with a note slipped under your door inviting you to 7pm cocktails and hors d’ouevres at a specified location on the property; on the launch on the lake, in the Pub or in the dining room. Black tie is requested for Wednesdays and Saturdays. It all just seems so civilized.

Our dinner companions included a TV personality and her new husband (son of a famed prosecutor) who had just been married at The Point that day, a young writer who was honeymooning with her European husband and a delightful couple from Connecticut celebrating a milestone anniversary.

Dinner was a marvelous 7-course affair paired with wonderful wines. It began with a shitake and egg custard and a 1998 Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin followed by a lump crab salad in a citrus sauce. A delicate fillet of turbot with a sauce Noilly Prat was paired with a 2003 Kitstler “Les Noisetiers.” A watermelon sorbet cleansed the palette and prepared us for the roast rack and loin of lamb, served with 2001 Paradigm Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon. A wonderful Crème Vanille and a selection of cheeses was joined with a 1999 Chateau Rieussec sauternes.

After dinner guests retired for the evening, changed and headed to the lean-to or enjoyed a lively game of billiards in the Pub.

Meals, liquor, wine and cordials are all included in the room rate.