Straight Wharf

Straight Wharf is one of the most romantic restaurants on the island and when coupled with its wonderful food, it’s the perfect “special occasion” restaurant. Located right on the wharf overlooking the Harbor, you can dine under the stars in good weather or enjoy the view through large paned windows from inside.

The interior has a kind of rustic elegance about it. Vaulted ceilings are strewn with hanging fabric. Two walls are weathered cedar shingles, two glistening white trimmed paned windows looking out onto the Harbor. Walls are covered with colorful brightly lit abstract art and the tables are set with white linens covered in a brown paper and set with a pot of fresh herbs and hurricane lanterns. Wonderfully romantic and intimate.

The menu changes often, but makes great use of local produce and fish. Amanda Lydon has a wonderful pedigree with stints throughout Europe and Boston and she and partner Gabriel Frasca bring a fresh perspective to this delightful 30 year old restaurant.

On this night in September, we shared a parpardelle Bolognese that someone in the lounge raved about from the bar menu. They were kind enough to make it for us in the dining room and it was magnificent. Rich, flavorful with a hint, I think, of nutmeg.

For entrees, Jen chose a chicken cooked under a brick with farro (a kind of barley), spiced pecans and red grapes. A wonderful combination of flavors and textures. My braised short ribs were served with truffled heirloom grits, maitake (a mushroom) and tiny carrots. The meat fell off the bone and to my surprise the grits were the perfect foil for the rich meat.

Not usually dessert eaters, but a “French toast” with maple walnut ice cream caught our eye and we happily shared it.

A glass of port and we were good to go, the perfect end to our time on the Island.

The wine list is very good, but expensive. As usual, especially here on the Island, I would like to see more choices under $50.

The service was excellent; efficient and crisp. Serving is a team effort with meals served by more than one waiter. This kind of service is somewhat surprising for a seasonal restaurant, but a testament to the training. Two nice touches; we were asked if we were celebrating anything and when we mentioned we had gotten married the week before, they quietly brought us champagne. When the bill came, it was handwritten, not a computer print-out. Just seemed nice to us.

ROMANTIC QUOTIENT: High….. dark and sexy and conducive to intimate conversation.

“Locavores and fish lovers” are “never disappointed” by this “unparalleled” Nantucket spot right on the harbor and open only in high season, when “always-fresh”, “delicious” seafood is “simply prepared” using area-sourced ingredients; a “lovely”, “eclectic” dining room and deck are manned by “courteous, professional” servers pouring “wonderful” drinks and selections from the “good wine list.” ZAGAT