Lola 41

Lola 41, The “41” in the name represents the 41st parallel on which Nantucket sits as well as other influences in the kitchen; Spain, Italy, Greece, China and Japan. They call themselves a “global bistro”, I call them just plain fun. This is a “hot” spot on the island, busy every night.

Housed in the building on South Beach Street, a short walk from town, that was formally the Blue Fin, the exterior is typical Nantucket cedar shingled with two prominent bay windows. Inside is sleek and stylish tin ceilings, a handsome marble topped cocktail bar and separate, semi-circular sushi bar surrounded by about a dozen tables. The walls and banquettes are shades of taupe with mirrors and contemporary art adorning the walls. The effect is a sophisticated bistro that would be comfortable in any major city.

Before you even get down to the food, you’ll find the best drink menu on the island. In fact, you could come here and be perfectly happy to indulge in more than one specialty drink and save the food for another time. If at all possible though, call ahead and see if they will make some drunken wings for you, one of the great all time appetizers, marinated and cooked in white wine, garlic and vodka. All the drinks are made with fresh ingredients and since we were a group of 4, I can share a number of experiences; a pear mojito, prosecco and fresh strawberries, a Ruby Red (Absolute Ruby Red, Mathilde Poire Liquor and ruby red grapefruit juice, and a Blueberry Martini (Triple 8 Cranberry Vodka, blueberry syrup and fresh blueberries.

Now if that is not enough, there is a wonderful Sake menu with various grades and tastes that the bartender will happily help you navigate. I said fun didn’t I?

The menu changes every two weeks and it is not lengthy but what is there is delicious. There is a complete sushi menu which my friends tell me is complete and wonderfully fresh. I’ll take their word for, sushi is not my thing.

This year we went on our first night and Jen enjoyed the Gnocchi Bolognese she dreamed about since last summer. I had a wonderful burger with a fois gras dipping sauce and wonderful fries. The menu isn’t lengthy and changes every few weeks, but what is there is very good. Get the Osso Buco if they have it.

The wine list has about three dozen nicely chosen bottles, evenly split between reds and whites. Unusual for Nantucket, half the list is under $50. Yeah!

ROMANTIC QUOTIENT: Not so high, but this is a place for fun.

“Celebutantes and ordinary young people alike have no reservations bestowing raves upon this contemporary Nantucket hot spot, as everything on the Eclectic menu is unique and tasty, from the excellent burger to the phenomenal sushi; just know that you need reservations to get a seat, plus lots of dough and elbow pads, because it’s pricey and crowded, especially at the hopping, noisy bar.” ZAGAT