About Us

Dear Reader,
I have always been an avid traveler, initially for business, but then, as time and finances allowed for pleasure. There's a wanderlust in me that may never be satisfied. But, it is sure fun trying.

Over the years I became increasingly frustrated with the information available when planning a trip to somewhere I had never been. Either there was too much information to make a considered decision (the shotgun approach) or the information was suspect (the "featured" property was only featured because they paid to be).

I had my share of "disaster" weekends where things turned out not to be as it had been portrayed and I realized that for a short trip (a weekend) you can't afford to make a mistake on where you go, stay, eat and enjoy activities.

From this came the concept for "BestWeekends", a site that would be dedicated to providing complete, unbiased and usable information for weekend travel. The idea was to become the travelers "advance team" finding the best in each destination to avoid mistakes and enhance the experience. We have stayed in every property we recommend, eaten in every restaurant we suggest and have experienced virtually all of the activities we highlight.

Now, we have over 300 destinations/properties and growing all the time and we hope that we are accomplishing what we set out to do.

Hotel prices change all the time based on the time of year and inventory. The prices we list are Peak Season Weekend, the most you would have to pay. More often than not, you could find pricing for much less. Click on the Booking.com and Hotels.com buttons in each profile to find the best prices for your dates.

We've created a great tool for you to find the best weekend vacation based on the things that are important to you. Just click on the "Search" or Exclusive Vacation Finder buttons.

We'd always love to hear from you on what you think of our site and to offer tips on where we should go.

Founder and Editor