Podcast : Find Your BestWeekend

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Find Your Best Weekend is a podcast that shares insider information and local tips about properties, restaurants and activities at popular destinations so that you can plan the best weekend possible and avoid common mistakes that could ruin it.

A weekend is 2-3 days at most so, you can’t afford to make a mistake on where you stay, where you eat and what you do, there’s just no way to recover in that short time frame. We created BestWeekends to help travelers navigate the vast amounts of information out there and avoid the mistakes that can ruin a weekend.

Think of us as your “travel advance team”. We visit each destination, stay in the lodging options, eat in the restaurants, experience the activities and most importantly…talk to the locals. We then present you with the “best” of what we found. We’ll tell you when to go, how to get there, how to get around once you are there, the best lodging choices, the best restaurants and the best activities and who to do them with. We’ll tell you things like where to get the best brunch, the best burger, where to have cocktails, what to do after dinner and much more.

We accept no advertising from the places we recommend, so our suggestions are completely unbiased. We seek destinations and properties that are above the norm, not the most expensive, but the most unique that will enhance your experience. You can travel with confidence knowing that we have been there.

Podcasts are launched each Friday at 1pm.